Always laughing, frequently pestering, completely in love...we are Will and Laurie Noblit of Streetlight Republic. When we were married in that 200 year old church 6 years ago, we knew we wanted to do something out of the ordinary with our lives. We love living in the moment, seizing the day, touring the world, and capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments in other's lives. Being able to immortalize those moments of laughter and tears of joy of our couples on their wedding day is what makes our job so rewarding. It's hard to explain; but you know that feeling you get deep down in your chest when you're so completely moved (or about to bust into happy tears)? That's the moment we live for each weekend. That brief moment when the love in the room is so intensely heartfelt between bride and groom that everyone in the room feels it. It's when we are capturing that moment that we both know we are doing what we are meant to do. Plus, it doesn't hurt to make amazing new friends with every wedding :) 

We like to say that we specialize in capturing the story of your day in an artistic and fun way. We want you to be able to trust us to take care of capturing the moments you might miss while you're out boogieing on the dance floor. Our goal is not only for you to have an amazing time with us all day, but for your photos to bring back the feelings and emotion of  your wedding day for years to come, each and every time you look at them.