And the winner is....

We spent last night cracking up at your survey answers and picking a winner for the $10 iTunes gift card we are giving away as part of our new website launch. And the winner is -- KELLY!!!! We had so much fun reading all of your answers and chose our favorite answers to share with everyone.

Disclaimer: Some of the hilarious but more perverted answers (Wes and Jamie!!!) won't be posted for our younger audience. ;)

1. Your favorite movie quote or song lyric? I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie - Jamie "I'll be back" - Heather

2. A New Year's resolution you've already broken? I resolute to not pick my nose in public, but I always get caught in the car or at my desk - Wes

3. What's the worst thing you've done to your cell phone. (ie. dropped in toilet) Dropped it in dog poo...left it there - Kelly

4. One thing you never leave home without. Birthday Suit - Wes

5. Your favorite vacation spot. Grayton Beach, FL - Kate (that is one of our favorite spots too!)

6. What is your middle name? Kay after my great-grandmother - Keri (very sweet)

7. What's your favorite CD at the moment? William Hung - Kelly

8. What's your favorite restaurant? The Red Bar in Grayton Beach - Wes and Kate

9. What's your favorite sport to watch? Women's Beach Volley Ball!!!!!!!   j/k  Honey.....  Honey.........  I meant football!!!!.....  Honey..... - Wes

10. What's under your bed? (a lot of your said dust bunnies!) Don't think I can tell you that. I will say it may or may not make my mom blush. - Ben

11. Your favorite dance move. Middle school slow dance - Wes The Smurf - Chad (okay...I have never heard of this but it is INCREDIBLE!) The Inch Worm - Heather Wolf Dance - Keri [youtube=] The Carlton - Lauren

12. One random fact about you. I was ran over once in a Christmas parade by the church float, stripped to my underwear in front of the crowd (it was snowing), and taken by ambulance to the emergency room. - Wes

13. The scariest thing you've ever done. Sang on stage of the Grand Ole Opry - Kelly Bungee jumping. But that wasn't scary enough. I'd like to ride a running ostrich. - Keri

14. What's your favorite piece of clothing. Cargo shorts rocking the front tuck. - Ben Granny panties - Kelly

15. What is your favorite smell. Aside from babies and pizza and my husband's cologne?...Miracle grow!

16. Most embarrassing thing on your iPod. I no longer have an iPod but when I did it was Barbie Girl by Aqua. - Ben It's only embarrassing if you DON'T have WHAM! On your iPod. - Keri

17. The place you'd like to visit most. Outer Space, preferably with that monkey that they used to send to Mars. - Wes Will & Laurie's house - Kelly

18. Do you have any nicknames? Zerbie, Stuntwoman, Keri Belle, Keri-Kay, Mrs. Danger (I needed a cool one so I made that last one up). - Keri

19. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Ear lobes - Heather Whether they're wearing sandals with socks or not...BIG TURNOFF - Kate "Raises Eyebrows" - Kelly

20. What do you like most about yourself. My dang fine triceps. They are a gift. - Ben I make my  husband laugh. - Courtney My silent ninja jump. I can jump pretty dern high, then land without making a sound. - Keri

If you missed out on taking the survey and want to take it just for fun, click here.