Meet The Team - The Mascots

You can't have a good team without a mascot(s) right? Well here are ours. There names are River and Darci, but also answer to Riv, Rivey, four-legged termite, chicken ear, Darc, Fluff Floof, Floofer, Spaz, or DarDar. River has been with us from the beginning and Darci was literally that puppy in the window that Laurie rescued for an impulse birthday gift. Being mascots, they do an excellent job providing moral support and keeping us entertained. They also like to collect an insane amount of ticks when hiking, chew the carpet into a rat's nest, and stealthily steal things out of the trash. I'd like to say they were more vital to our day-to-day operation, but their only actual job is to remind us to get outside and go for a walk.

...It looks like Darci just clocked in for work. Gotta run