Nashville Engagement Photography - Caitlin & Ben

Two of the sweetest people I've ever met, Caitlin's smile lights up the room and Ben is one of the most gentlemanly guys you'll ever come across. He was so sweet to always carry the photography gear for me (Laurie) and open every door. You can see why these two feel in love. They go together like peas and carrots -- actually, I've never liked peas so we'll say they go together like chips and salsa! We met them Downtown Nashville at Ben's apartment which has an incredible view of Nashville from the roof. After that we hoofed it around Nashville and stopped at any neat spots we found. The last photo is of Tootsie's. This is where Caitlin and Ben met and had their first kiss so of course we had to reenact it. :o)

We're off to the Great Smoky Mountains. You guys have a great weekend!