Nashville Wedding Planner | Jennifer Hamilton | Taking away the stress and making wedding planning fun

Most of us have dreamed of our perfect wedding day since we were just a little girl walking our lock-kneed Barbie down the aisle to kiss Ken. We're guilty of eye-balling the wedding magazines at the grocery store. We're pinning boards labeled "One Day," "For the Future," or "My Dream Wedding." We all dream about that day. That one day a normal girl gets to become a princess. That day where all our favorite people and all our favorite things surround us. However, creating this perfect day with all the etiquette, vendors, and accessories with your vision in mind isn't always as simple as we hope. I've seen and heard one too many times how stressful planning a wedding can get, and the toll it may take on the bride and her mom. So, what do you do if you know you are too busy to tackle it yourself or have already tried and decided it's just too much? Hire a wedding planner! Now, I'm not recommending hiring just any old wedding planner. Be sure you check out work they've done in the past, and meet with them to be sure you click personality-wise because you are going to be communicating with this person A LOT in the next few months. There are wedding planners who do everything from budget planning to lighting the sparklers as you leave the reception, to planners who just come out to direct people down the aisle during the ceremony. If you choose the right wedding planner for you, they will help take stress out of the equation and actually make the planning fun.

Nashville Wedding Planner Jennifer Hamilton

That being said, meet the talented Jennifer Hamilton of Mr. and Mrs. Events. Jennifer does a little bit of everything, from "month of" coordinating to planning the entire wedding from scratch. I've met with her myself and can tell you right now that any bride of ours will love her sweet and fun personality!! I asked her to answer a few questions about herself and her work in hopes of connecting her with those of you looking for help.

Jennifer Hamilton

Tell us a bit about yourself:


My husband, Craig, and I have lived in Nashville for 5 years. Most of our family is in lovely Alabama, where I grew up. {Roll Tide!!} I have amazing parents, parents-in-law, 3 siblings, 4 siblings-in-law and a fabulous niece and 2 nephews….. who we are slightly obsessed with. 


When I’m not planning or designing events, Craig and I love to watch movies together. It’s a pretty passionate pastime of ours. We throw big Oscar parties every year and try to see everything that’s nominated from Best Picture to Best Documentary. I also enjoy a good Broadway musical and love to travel…we’re leaving for London tomorrow!! I’m quite passionate about food as well {who isn’t?} and love trying out different Nashville restaurants. 

-Any other fun facts?

Just like everyone else in Nashville, I'm a singer. Before I moved to Nashville, I was very involved in musical theater and actually have a degree in voice. When I first moved here I did the National Anthem for the Nashville Sounds some but haven't had time to do much else since then. It’s something I still love, however, and would like to be involved with in the future!! {I have a secret desire to learn to tap as well!}

How did you get into wedding planning?

Entertaining has been an obsession of mine ever since I was little. I always wanted to have my friends and my parents’ friends over at our home for “get-togethers”.  From a very young age I was happiest when we had loved ones in the house to eat, laugh and share stories. My love for entertaining spilled over into my high school and college days as well…. I was always planning something. I constantly looked for a reason to throw a party and really any reason was good enough for me. After a few years of being in the corporate world in PR and marketing, I thought, why not make a career of something I’ve loved to do since I was a kid? 

Explain a little bit to all the brides out there exactly what you do and why you are a rock star on their wedding day.

I offer wedding planning services from “Month Of” coordinating to full wedding planning. Different brides require different services so I create packages to meet each bride’s unique needs. My full planning services include everything from creating a budget and choosing vendors to creating your timeline and directing the actual wedding day. 

One of the focuses of my business {and my favorite part of planning} is helping a bride with the design and overall look of her wedding. I adore brides that come to me with great ideas that I can put into an “inspiration board”. This allows us to be creative and start brainstorming on all the ways we can add different elements to get the style just right for each couple and their unique personalities and interests. I also enjoy a good DIY project and love getting my hands dirty with fun wedding day crafts. My fingers have been cemented together with hot glue more times than I’d like to mention…. 

Advice for all our brides to be?

Just be yourself!! Don't be afraid to do things a little nontraditionally or add fun details. It's your wedding so make it your own. And, of course, hire a planner who understands your ideas and can create your unique event exactly the way you’ve envisioned it. 

Thanks so much Jennifer! Have a great time in London!!