Spring Hill, TN Family Photographer - Alaina Grace

Little Alaina (our 4th niece!) has a smile that will melt your heart and big blue eyes that capture the full attention of every little old man within sight. This, I do belive, is a trait that her auntie passed down :o). As a little girl I hugged every old man and lady I saw. It doesn't matter if I knew them or not, I loved them just the same. Today, when I see the glisten of a suspender I still get the urge to run up and give that cute little man a hug -- and I take part in that urge every chance I get! Rich and Lauren brought Alaina over for some 3 month photos but it was too cold to take them outside as planned so we had to create a make-shift studio by finding places in our house. Happy 3-months-old my sweetie!