Unique Wedding Ideas - Grooms Cake

With your grooms cake, you're allowed to be as creative as you want in what you decide to order. We've seen an armadillo in cowboy getup, a 4-wheeling jeep stuck in the mud, Sponge Bob Square Pants, a mini golf course and many others that also allow the husbands interests to shine through the wedding a little. One of my favorites was Kari's dog cake. It was so perfectly created with Sam's name on his dog tag and the glisten in his eyes. There was even food in his dog bowl. I was quivering when they cut it because it was too pretty to eat.

The grooms cake is a fun way to let you and your grooms personality shine through a little without sacrificing the traditional wedding things your mom wants you to do.Grooms Cake - Sammy Dog Cake - Streetlight Republic

Kari's doggy cake was made by Billie Mochow, sugarrtst@aol.com.

I like to show off whose wedding the ideas I share with you came from. Kari and Mike were married at Holy Trinity Church in Nashville, our first Greek Orthodox wedding to photograph. The traditions were so beautiful to witness and be a part of.

Goorms Cake - Kari - Streetlight Republic

Will and I were both taken aback by the beautiful colors and details in the sanctuary. Who needs flowers when you have this!Grooms Cake - Kari - Streetlight Republic

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