Welcome 2011 and all your changes

Downtown FranklinThis year is going to be amazing, I can feel it! I'm sitting here on the couch watching the Rose Bowl Parade with my big fur ball thinking about all the possibilities of what's to come. On Monday, I (Laurie) officially became a full-time photographer! It was a bit scary to just quit a job I liked and go for it, but now I couldn't imagine things being any different. I'm beyond excited to spend time with you guys, capturing the special moments of your lives; a kiss on the tip of the nose, the soft touch of your hand in his, the way he glances over so lovingly without you seeing. Oh, so sweet!

This makes me think of the moment that always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside -- seeing the smiles on your faces or hearing from you when you see your photos for the first time. That is what makes this our passion, our love, our job...YOU!

Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to follow our dreams.

For Christmas, Will got an old Polaroid Swinger which I have been unsuccessful at prying out of his hands. Just for fun, here are some of the photos we took on a day out with some of our best buddies.

Downtown Franklin, SOL

Downtown FranklinHAPPY NEW YEAR!