Welcome to 2012!

What's up everybody? I gave Laurie the day off in order to make just my 3rd appearance ever on the Streetlight Republic blog. 2011 was an amazing year for us and I'd like to thank everyone who allowed us to live out a dream. However, as great as last year was, we are thrilled at what's in store for 2012. As I looked over our goals for this coming year I'm literally too excited to sleep. There is a lot to do, but I cannot wait to get started. We have several overarching goals for the year, but our big resolution for 2012 is to get to know you a little bit more and for you all to get to know us even better. That's why we are going to make sure to keep this blog filled with even more content and fun posts each week. We'd also love to have you stop by our Facebook and Twitter pages and drop us a line from time to time. It's always fun to know who you are talking to!

Talk to you soon,